Once upon a TIME

Once upon a time, I watched the film Alice through the glass. It was a clever little film and the concept of time which it was based on, struck a chord with me. Initially, I thought of time as a stopwatch and associated it merely as a unit of measurement. However, the concept of time means so much more. The film encouraged me to see that although Time waits for no one, Time is not your enemy nor is it a ticking bomb. Instead one should view Time as your friend that you must work with, to make the most of the gift of Time that has been given. It is true that we can’t get Time back and as we come to acknowledge this, we suddenly realise that every moment must be used wisely. 

You can’t use the excuse that you don’t have the Time, as we all have the same 24 hours a day. It’s how you choose to use it. Admittedly it is easy to forget how precious Time is with the busy lifestyle that we have willingly adopted. So it is important to remember amongst it all, that although Time flies, you are the pilot with the ability to direct it and steer it in how you wish. So I urge you to make the most of every precious day, every hour, every minute to create timeless memories. Tick tock. What are you waiting for? 


A day in the life of a pharmacist

Day in the life of a pharmacist.

Check in. The looming tower of baskets to check for tomorrow awaits. Check check check. Someone pops in as they’ve run out of their meds, emergency supply time. Check check.. Another person comes in to ask you “bout buying that gel for my back I saw on the telly”. Check and hand out a first inhaler and going through the technique with the patient. Che.. A lonely Mr XY who is looking for someone to talk to pops in to tell you his wife has died and to reluctantly dispose of her many meds. Now where was I? Check check check. Squeeze in a few flu vaccinations for patients who saw the poster on the window. Check check. The lovely Johnsons family come in for advice on malaria tablets for their latest exotic trip. Check. Explaining to Mrs S that the pseudoephederine is unsuitable for them to use for their cold because of the medications that they are on. Check check. Time for a quick 10 minute sandwich whilst it’s quiet? Ring ring ring, patient wants to book a H pylori test and you explain the procedure to them. Check check. Ok finish off that sandwich. Carried out a thorough MUR for Mr Patel, an inquisitive chap who was delighted with the information provided to him about his medication as you answered some of his questions the GP didn’t have time to cover.. Check.. A young Miss Z wants a private word and is very distressed as she missed taking her pill yesterday and wanted some advice on when to take the next one. Check check. Ring ring.. Dr Dhesi is writing a prescription and asks about a replacement for the eye drops that have been recently discontinued. Check check. Is that the time already? Check out pharmacists, the pillars of the community.