When my sister got a pea stuck in her nose

imageI could never imagine that a single little vegetable could cause so much panic. Let me rewind back to when I was a 7 year old tomboy. *squeaky tape rewind sound*.

My sister and I with only a few years apart, were like two peas in a pod, inseparable and always up to mischief. It was the start of the summer holidays, which meant me and my younger sister, Simran were busy making a birds nest out of leaves and rocks. We both were called to come inside  to eat our usual Friday night special – fish and chips, scattered with peas.

“I have big green slimy bogeys. Look Sonia. Look at my boooogeys.” Little did I know that these were the very words to cause such chaos and panic. Craving my attention, my younger sister held the perfectly rounded peas close to her nostrils and she was amused by the fact they resembled something ever so repulsive. Unimpressed with her immature behaviour, I carried on soaking my chips into the gravy.

That was when I heard the piercing scream. Terrified, I instantly looked up to discover that my sibling had breathed the tiny pea up right into her nostril. She sat on the chair, completely shocked by what had just happened and tears rolled down her face as she realised where the pea had settled.

It’s one of those situations you find horrifying yet hilarious looking back. Seeing the blood creeping out of her nose, immediately intensified my panic levels. A surge of guilt flooded my stomach. After all the times I called my sister a pea-brain, she had literally become one.

“Oh my god, what have you done Sim?” I whispered in disbelief.

My sisters face turned abnormally pale as she sobbed “Sonia, is my nose going to fall off? I don’t want to die!” Before waiting for my reply, Simran frantically ran outside to explain the situation to mum.

As ever supermum came to the rescue and reassured Simran that she would not need plastic surgery for her nose. Long story short, the pea was finally removed (How you may be asking? Well I shall leave it to your imagination) and bursting with relief, Simran came out the kitchen holding the pea proudly in her palm, with a massive grin on her face.

Since that day, when I see a pea I don’t see it as a tiny, innocent, healthy vegetable. No in my eyes, they are a potential hazard, which in my opinion should come with a warning label! Who knew that even the tiniest, pea-sized things could cause such a commotion and panic.


5 thoughts on “When my sister got a pea stuck in her nose

  1. That’s a funny story! I bet your sister never has eaten peas again? Or can’t eat them without thinking about this. Did you have to go to the Doctors to have removed? A friend of mine had her son shove part of the rocking chair cushion up his nose. It was there a couple of weeks. The first visit they didn’t find anything, but stuff kept oozing out his nose. (green) – so sure enough the 2nd visit they used a tool to get it out and it SMELLED so badly. She said it was the most disgusting thing ever.


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    1. Well for a while she didn’t go anyway near a pea but she got over it eventually! We in fact removed it by telling her o breathe it out with force – it took a while. Oh gosh that’s such a long time for it to be stuck up there! I bet they were worried when green stuff was oozing out – all sorts must be going through his parents mind. Thanks for giving my blog a read Sandi – who knew shoving things up your nose is so common

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  2. 😀 Love your Blog Sonia, n many thanks for the follow! It reminded of another cute story of my husband’s nephew, he is 2 years and he put the kidney bean into his nostrils, one in each, nobody knew why he was talking with nasal sounds, her mother thought may be he is acting! but after a while he started pointed towards his nose, they had to rush him to the doctor ,who was surprised how can he put those two beans in his such a small nose a little bigger than that bean, !! but childhood is most amazing part of life!


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